Sunday, 1 July 2012

What to wear when...jet setting this summer

Summer is here (allegedly)!  Which, if you're lucky, might mean you're heading somewhere beautiful and sunny for a well deserved break.  But how do you get round the issue that your destination is a warm summery paradise, but home is most definitely not (at least where I live!) 

This is a problem which bothers me every time I go abroad, so I decided to come up with a few basic guidelines to make your journey (almost) as enjoyable as your holiday*

First, whatever you wear needs to me comfortable- you could be sitting in it for hours (which may feel like days) and might even want to catch a few Zzzzz's...that is not going to happen if you're wearing clothes that don't let you breathe, cut off your circulation or any of the other plethora of agonies we suffer through to look good. 

That means, denim is probably not a good idea; a pair of loosely tailored trousers in a bright colour (maybe hot pink, one of the key colours for this summer or an on trend fondant shade) would be much more sensible.  Avoid anything too tight or clingy and your prettiest mini skirt or hotpants suddenly don't seem like such a good idea when you're trying to stretch to reach your overhead baggage. 

Layers are also essential- you will be too cold at home if you wear a vest tee, but too hot whenyou arrive if you wear a thick sweater.  It's a good idea to make at least one of your layers something lightweight that you can wear again on your holiday. 

Flats are definitely the way to go!  No matter how often you wear heels, I guarantee by the time you've been up and travelling for 24 hours plus and you're struggling to keep your eyes open while you drag your suitcase around an unknown city searching for your hotel, you will wish you were wearing pumps.  A pair which have a fun pattern (tribal would be my pick) but in colours that are neutral enough to wear with anything are perfect. 

Just add your favourite sunnies and some summery jewellery, remember to pack a day handbag (a small backpack would be practical and fashionable, especially if you chose one in a pretty floral or go down the sports luxe route) as well as your larger carry on bag for a book, phone etc.

Happy holidays!! :D

*OK, so I know travelling all day is never going to be as fun as the holiday, but at least you'll look good and be comfy!