Sunday, 1 July 2012

Why did we EVER think it was stylish to...??

We all have a few fashion mishaps in our past, some questionable style choices we'd rather forget.  But now that we're older and so much wiser, we can look back at that and laugh...can't we?
  1. Trousers under a skirt.   And unfortunately, I don't mean tunics over cropped trousers as seen during Paris Fashion week in shows such as Prada's.  I used to do this if I couldn't decide which to wear! *cringe*
  2. Shorts with over the knee rainbow striped socks...why??
  3. A t-shirt over a long sleeved top.  That was an odd 90's method of layering
  4. Crimped hair- it just seems strange now
  5. Inflatible rucksacks; what was the point of these??