Tuesday, 1 January 2013

1970s Fashion Icons

1970s Fashion Icons

The increased fashion freedom of the 60s continued, but the 70s saw yet more change in popular styles; icons like Farrah Fawcett, the epitome of the 'California Girl' opted for flares over mini skirts and inspired many teenage girls to do the same.  Debbie Harry, singer with 'Blondie' pushed the fashion boundaries, embracing a more punk-rock style; with leather jackets and fearless Stephen Sprouse designs she was not afraid to stand out.  Liza Minnelli as part of the Studio 54 crowd also embraced stand out styles, from floor-sweepers, to sequins to this fitted white suit.  Still going strong today, DVF launched her fashion line in 1970 and was, of course, already wearing her trademark wrap dress (a fashion icon in its own right!)

These women pushed the boundaries and dared to try new styles, giving them an enduring influence and making them 1970s icons of fashion. 

Who else would you include?