Wednesday, 2 January 2013

1980s Fashion Icons

1980s Fashion Icons

The 1980s have been dubbed 'the decade style forgot' but this decade did see some style hits as well as, admittedly, a few misses!  Whatever your view of 80s fashion, it is undeniable that this decade saw sone truly legendary fashion icons.  Madonna's fashion choices are not only iconic, but are synonomous with her music; her daring choices, including that JPG concial bra, form her persona as much as her songs.  Another singer whose style was a huge part of her career is Grace Jones.  Her strong, edgy choices set her apart and mean her influence is unlikely to be forgotten.  Molly Ringwald and the rest of the 'Brat Pack' were also fashion icons, inspiring many teenagers with their more wearable 'girl/boy next door style'.  The boots Molly Ringwald's character wore in the breakfast club are still fuelling 'where can I get them' searches online!  A list of fashion icons of the 80s could not omit Princess Diana.  Her 'sloane street' style was emulated by many women and she was undoubtedly the most popular cover star for magazines. 

These 1980s fashion icons are still cited today and hugely influencial and truly defined their era.

Who else would you include? 


Andy Warhol